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About MyGiftList

MyGiftList is your free, private, Universal Gift Registry!

If you've been looking for a way to simplify the gift-giving process, MyGiftList is your dream come true. As a member of MyGiftList, you have access to valuable services that will allow you to take full advantage of the convenience online shopping has to offer.

We offer everything you need to organize your gift shopping and all of our services are free to members.

Use MyGiftList and you will never forget an important occasion or purchase an unwanted or duplicate gift. Our tools make it convenient for you to be a Gift Hero.

Getting started is quick and easy:
  1. Complete your member profile.

  2. Create your gift registry - a list of gifts you would like to receive. You can even link to the web site to make online shopping that much easier. You can even specify an occasion or a gift giver. This affords you more control over who views the items on your registry.

  3. Identify gift givers - friends and family members who purchase gifts for you. Be sure to include the people you shop for so that they will set up their own gift registry and share their gift wishes with you.

  4. Use our handy reminders to help you keep track of important dates and your to-do list.

  5. As you surf the web and find items you would like to receive, use the Add to MyGiftList button and automatically enter the information into your gift registry.

  6. Refer to the registries of your friends and relatives to make gift shopping easier.
Soon, you'll wonder how you ever managed all of the special occasions in your life before using our services. MyGiftList helps you give the perfect gift, every time.
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