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About MyGiftList®

The goal of MyGiftList is to make gift giving easy and fun!

MyGiftList was founded in 1998 as a way for families to share Christmas ideas over the Internet. Since then, MyGiftList has steadily added new features to become the leading universal all-occasion gift registry for consumers and merchants. MyGiftList members can add any gift from any store for any occasion to their gift registry.

MyGiftList is used by thousands of people in over 80 different countries. And we have partnered with hundreds of merchants to make gift giving as simple as possible.

MyGiftList offers many benefits to gift givers, gift receivers, and e-commerce sites through a complete suite of online services including gift registries, gift reminders, gift idea search engines, and multiple levels of privacy. As part of the convenience, MyGiftList enables members to search and find the perfect gifts for themselves or their loved ones, create wish lists for any gift-giving occasion (Christmas, weddings, baby showers, birthdays, graduation, etc.), post them online and send them to family and friends.

MyGiftList offers its members these simplifying benefits:
  • helping users find and buy perfect gifts that friends and family want for any occasion
  • allowing gift receivers to better communicate their wishes to gift givers
  • allowing better communication among gift givers
  • preventing purchases of duplicate gifts
  • keeping track of user's gift-giving history
  • reminding members of the many gift giving occasions
MyGiftList is also the perfect e-commerce web site companion for online small and medium retailers, consumer-oriented sites and professional service providers. The benefits of joining our Merchant Affilate Program include increasing visibility to your current customers, reducing merchandise returns, reaching new customers, and, most importantly, increasing sales.

MyGiftList is a creation of Netphoria, Inc.

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