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Why add a Gift Registry to your Web Site?

Online gift registries are becoming an essential part of building an e-commerce store and driving e-tailers into the fast-growing gift market.

Forrester Research projects online gift sales to grow from $1.2 billion in 1998 to $17 billion in 2004, which represents about 10 percent of total e-commerce sales.

An online gift registry is an effective marketing tool to lure new customers and limit customer returns. But they can also present many technical challenges to you, the online retailer, during and after the set-up process. You can avoid these challenges by partnering with MyGiftList and benefitting from the traffic that's coming through our service.

Online gift registries are just beginning to take off for a number of reasons... One reason is that a critical mass of shoppers is just now coming online. Jupiter Communications estimates by the end of the year, some 29 million Net users will have bought something online, up from 19 million last year. And Forrester Research estimates that 10 percent of these sales are from gift-buying online.

Any site that doesn't offer a gift registry will be at a disadvantage.

In addition, just as increasing numbers of customers are coming online, more retailers are setting up online shops. To stand out and draw customers, sites need to have more than "a quick, colorful Web site." Instead, sites are turning to all kinds of different strategies to draw in customers, one of which is developing an online registry. It's important that your web site has tools like MyGiftList that will help your customers with shopping.

One of the chief advantages of MyGiftList is that it helps to limit returns. Because recipients get to draw up their own gift lists, MyGiftList will help cut down on the number of gifts that are returned because the recipient didn't like the gift or had already received it. Returned items account for about 5 percent of the Internet's gross sales, a figure that cuts in to your margins.

MyGiftList works well with almost any type of gift including books, apparel, consumer electronics, toys, and donations to charities.

Let MyGiftList be your e-Commerce companion!

Sign up today to become a MyGiftList Affiliate!

Why become a MyGiftList Affiliate?

The advantages of our unique Affiliate program with Viral Co-Branding™ to you are many:
  1. Increase sales by increasing traffic to your web site or brick and mortar store by:
    • Consumers purchase gifts from your store through MyGiftList gift lists
    • Exposure of your branding to other consumers by Viral Co-Branding™ of the gift registries
    • Increased Traffic to your web site generated by your inclusion in the MyGiftList Shopping Mall
    • Email marketing to the MyGiftList members you have referred via newsletters, etc.
    • Viral Co-Branding™ of MyGiftList's other services like Reminders, Greeting Cards, etc.
  2. Reduce returns and exchanges because customers will receive the gifts they want
  3. Easy to use Affiliate program. Update banners via an online administration interface and instantly advertise special promotions.
  4. MyGiftList is Universal and works for all occasions.
  5. MyGiftList members need only one gift registry for use with all stores so your customers don't have to register at multiple stores with multiple usernames and passwords.
  6. You can block competitive information and advertising on registries of members you refer.
  7. You can be listed in our Shopping Mall section as a MyGiftList Network Partner which places your web site in the top tier of the directory for maximum exposure.
  8. Have all the benefits of your own private label gift registry and the benefits of a Universal Gift Registry.
  9. The Basic Affiliate Program is Free.

Home Overview Why MyGiftList? Program Levels Viral Co-Branding Support Forum Referral Program Login

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